FMProduction presents

31. August, 23:0016.- CHF

Rebel Town


The bloody rock‘n‘roll riot with three concerts and an ass kickin‘ cocktail bar.

Hot hot as hell special with: The Devils (Naples, Italy), Hotcha & The Teenage Lesbians From Hell, Chicken Reloaded, Afterparty by Woody Alain

In Rebel Town time stopped running 50 years ago and virgin sacrifice is still practiced. With this «Hot hot as hell special» we‘ll celebrate the 50 years anniversary of the AJZ Bienne. The Devils from Naples (Italy / Voodoo Rhythm Records) bring an earbleeding minimalistic blasphemic guitar wall blues rockabilly noise trash rock‘n‘roll tornado to Rebel Town – huuu. But wait until you hear Hotcha & The Teenage Lesbians From Hell or Chicken Reloaded. The two local bands will open the night (at midnight) in the presence of the whole town - chanting, praying and making offerings to the mighty gods of rock‘n‘roll.


Jeden Di. 19:30 im Chessu
c/o Velokurier Biel GmbH
Ring 13
Postfach 1305
2501 Biel/Bienne